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42' Fast Patrol Boat Specifications

Principal Characteristics

This boat has been designed for;

- To accomplish the patrol mission various objectives,
- To transport the military personnel to the operation area.

This boat is designed for to be transported via air by plane or helicopter and via land by a trailer to the operation area.

This boat has been constructed as follows;

- Single deck,
- Sharp and curved bow, perpendicular transom.

The boat has been moulded by fibreglass material. The sections of the boat are described as follows;

- Fore pik, chain locker under the deck,
- Bow cofferdam,
- Transom cofferdam,
- Bow ballast tanks,
- Personnel cabin,
- Fuel tanks compartment (between two bulk heads),
- Engine room; above aft deck ,
- Aft pick and rudder section.

Ship Building Specification of this boat covers all technical aspects for the abovementioned objectives and performance. These technical aspects generally covers all ship building rules, standards, criteria, see keeping, construction, equipment and material. Also it explains how to apply design, project and workmanship with the understanding of quality.

During the design aspect and material selection, high reliance and low maintenance has been fore kept.

Altinel Shipyard had done the following;

. Project
. Design drawings
. Workmanship drawings
. Production coordination services
. Construction
. Production
. Integration

. Quality control
. Get Clas Society services
. Material purchasing
. Project management

During the design, construction and production phase of the boat, the following rules and standards has been applied;

. RINA and Turkish Lloyd (Dual Class)
. SOLAS 74

The project drawings had been approved by RINA, and construction and production had been surveyed by RINA and Turkish Lloyd (Dual Clas), and the boat has been certified 100 / A / 1.1 / Y class notification.



Technical Data 

Construction Material: Fiber Glass
Hull Form: Planing hull - Deep Vee Monohull
Length (Loa): 12.65 m.
Beam (B): 3.60 m. (at midship)
Draft (D): 0.75 m. (full load)
Hight (D): 1.80 m. (at midship)
Fuel Capacity (aprox.): 1700 Lit.
Watertight Bulkhead: 4
Cabin Hight: 1.85 m.
Max. Speed (aprox.): 45 Mile Per Hour
Cont. Speed (aprox.): 40 Mile Per Hour
Endurance (aprox.): 300 mile
DWT: 1250 kg
Accommodations: 12 seat in cabin
                               4 seat on the aft deck
Crew: 2 persons
Environment: Fully operational up to sea state 2
Class: Dual Class (RINA & Turkish Lloyd)
Class Notation: 100 / A / 1.1 Y


Model: 3196 TA - E Rating
Power: 2 x 492 KW ( 2x 669 HP) @ 2300 rpm (see annex)
Gear Box Maker: ZF - Germany / Italy
Model: IRM 312 TS (Two Speed)
Reduction: 1 : 1.195 - 1 : 1.432 (see annex)
Drives: ZF Trimax 2200 I
Propeller: SST 6 blades ROLLA

Fire Fighting

Devices: Remote Controlled CO2 System in Engine Room
Minimaxes: 4 x 1 kg. At Cabin and Cockpit


Rectifier: VICTRON - SKYLLA 220 V AC 50 Hz.1 Phase (input) 24V AC(output)
Cables: Marine Type
Batteries: 2 x 200 A. Starter, 2 x 200 A. Service


Radar: JRC Scan Radar
GPS: SIMRAD GPS (Plotter Chart) - CP 32
Fluxgate Compass: SIMRAD - RFC 35 NMEA
Compass: Ritchie


Marine brand VHF: SAILOR - RT 2048 / D (DUBLEX & SIMPLEX)


Weapon Foundations: Telescopic at both sides at aft for M-60